With their application Télécapêche, Manateelab is accelerating the fisheries paradigm shift in catch declaration simplicity and traceability. Already used in France, UK and Belgium, this online catch reporting tool is now looking to expand its coverage to other European and non European countries. Eellogic is supporting this expansion by actively promoting the tool, engaging with clientsn administrations and sector representatives, and supporting the tool’s recent developments.


  • Advice to software developers in the field of European fisheries.
  • Client prospects and engagement, online and on the ground.
  • Communication support.

That was cool:

Working with UX experts, developers and IT specialists putting their know-how and passion into the game for sustainable fisheries.


  • Selection for #BlueInvest pitch session for the European Commission
  • Improvved visibility of the tool in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Cyprus
  • Translation of the tool in other EU languages


From : June 2018

To : ongoing

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