Eellogic is a freelance consultancy which explores, connects and accelerates blue growth and blue economy projects.

We explore, because promising projects sometimes get lost in the ocean, lacking time or resources to reach out to broader audience and show the world how they’re changing it.

We connect, because amplifying your project impacts or scaling up can’t be done alone, we tap into our extended network to identify match-making opportunities and out-of-the box synergies.

We accelerate, by sailing alongside with you, bringing agile and adaptative expertise to bring your business, project, programme or network to the next level.

Our services cover three main domains: facilitation, advice and communication.



in workshops, conference panels or facing a classroom, theory meets reality. With agility and inventivity, Eellogic can deliver and adapt, according to the needs and feedback of an audience, for solutions to emerge from interactions. In each facilitation context, our baseline is making sure we got both thematic and technical aspects covered. Then we add our touch.

Take a look at our project portfolio to see how Eellogic mixes old-school and fresh facilitation techniques in event, project or network animation. Like that👌



Eellogic develops action and project proposals, finetunes perspective and detailed stakeholder mapping to maximise project impacts. As a partner in a consortium or associated expert at any stage of a project, Eellogic adapts and delivers, with a particular care in helping design fit and meaningful projects, that will make the difference for your maritime territory and communities.

At local or European level, our language skills and extended partner network means that we’ll always be able to find the missing link to turn a great idea into a successful project.

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Eellogic develops action proposals, perspective and stakeholder mapping… Adapting to your needs in designing projects that matter for your maritime territory.

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With off-the-beaten path tone and impactful style, Eellogic can help you design and manage communication and community management campaigns. We feel at home on the geek side and love social media, IT and new communication tools, still, we only consider it a success if we manage to get stakeholders to speak together, bridging the digital and physical dimensions of events and campaigns. And, thanks to a network of partner freelances and agencies such as Agence Trajectoire<s>, we’re able to design and deliver professional audio-visual service to complete the picture.

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