We are

A freelance consultancy
operated by Serge Gomes da Silva,
proposing alternative and agile
approaches to connect
and communicate the Blue Economy.






We do

Adaptative and tailor made services


Bringing your project, event or network to the next level by facilitating interactions and creating collaborative environments.



From concept to proposal, we bring intuition, skills and knowledge together to define, guide and amplify blue growth projects.



Online, offline and everywhere in between, we bring audiences and stakeholders together to improve client visibility and results dissemination.



Clients and partners

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Our latest projects

Created in 2017, Eelogic synthetises 15+ years of experience and knowledge in European maritime policies, project management, upbeat communication and fish-nerdism. Click one of our recent missions, partnerships or actions, or explore the portfolio for the complete catalogue.

FEAP 50 – Celebrating the Future of Aquaculture

Advice and facilitation, staff training on innovative event design.

The BlueLoop Expo

Facilitation, research and advice on linking aquaculture and local development.

Plastic Odyssey

Boosting blue entrepreneurs at local, national and EU level.

ESF – Transnational Platform

Advice and facilitation, staff training on innovative event design.

EU FAME Network

Project exploration and analysis.

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#EconomieCirculaire, la #pêche et l'#aquaculture aussi! Reportage video de #tvpi sur les projets présentés lors de la #BlueLoopExpo avec @EU_FARNET et @noostrim @ScaleInside @fishyfilaments @notoxsurfboards @Femerpeaumarine @WRCities et bien d'autres https://t.co/u6PGUZ7sNP

I recently used the #whalecarcass metaphor to describe the dependance on social interactions oases in remote rural France. Yes, I know it sounds weird. But this nevertheless prompted a great chat with @ChrisHinesAGOS. (Nice article and illustration @NewYorker )👇


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