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Ocean and Human Health, meet SOPHIE

In February Eellogic was invited by SOPHIE, an Horizon2020 🇪🇺 project led by NUI Galway defining future research priorities to better identify the links between Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe. Read more about the project, the meeting and first findings at

Job alert: Coopération Européenne Littorale

Le Pays de Saint-Brieuc cherche un(e) chargé(e) de mission coopération pour une durée de 6 mois à compter du mois d’Avril afin de l’accompagner dans la construction d’un projet de coopération européen en lien avec la valorisation des produits alimentaires locaux, à terre et en mer! Un projet qui impliquera des échanges avec le réseau des #GALPAs et le réseau #FARNET (ça ne se refuse pas!)

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Meet the aquatrepreneurs

In Brest, France, Mathieu and Mickael launched their shellfish nursery thanks to the support of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Their objective? Enabling other shellfishfarmers to diversify their production, thanks to two local and lesser known species: the flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) and the variegated scallop (Chlamys varia).Check out our video report and get in touch if you want to know more about their🐚🐟 business.

Eellogic partners

Companies and experts met along the way and recommended by Eellogic


Helle Breindhal

European freelance coach and facilitator based in Denmark

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ComH2O - Cécile Dupuch

Scientific communication and web specialist

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Agence Trajectoire(s)

Digital communication agency, based in Paris, Toulouse and Anglet

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Fishing gears get lost at sea, resulting in #ghostnets harming #marine life. Super #FollowFriday to these #EMFF funded projects tackling #ghostnets & bringing them to new life.

Hello @SustOceans pls can you follow for a DM? THX

Don’t forget to register for the 2019 Sustainable Oceans Conference!

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We are headed to Pohorělice 🇨🇿, where #aquaculture is a key activity: here carp farming employs permanently 80 people, producing up to 1400 tonnes of fish/yr. The #EMFF's support enabled to access more modern infrastructure & aquaculture equipment, helping the company to thrive.

« Enjeux de la Croissance Bleue »
Une formation à Brest du 2 au 4 juillet 2019 , organisée par @UBO_UnivBrest, @ScienceSorbonne, @CampusMer, @IUEM_Brest , @SBRoscoff et @IFQMer
vidéo de @eellogic sur #Vimeo

Please follow our Estonian - Russian cooperation project on the distribution of restocked eels in Narva River Basin District. New tweets concerning the ongoing field works every week! 🙂

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