European Fisheries Areas Network (FARNET)

Eellogic has been commissioned by the FARNET Support Unit of DG MARE to supply expertise and assistance for cooperation within Community Led Local Development coastal groups across Europe. Also known as Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), these groups both have immense resources to share but also face challenges in promoting and coordinating cooperation activities, mostly because of a lack of visibility, time and resources allocated to this very specific objective. To adress this, Eellogic activates, analyse and connects cooperation ideas and opportunities by engaging with FLAGs as well as other EU stakeholders looking for cooperation partners in the blue economy.


  • Stakeholder analysis, mapping and matching
  • Support and advice in project design
  • Writing and storytelling cooperation cases

That was cool:

Connecting missions! While on the road for FAME (read more about it here), we met with a Brittany FLAG for a few hours and quickly mapped their cooperation objectives and needs. Three months later, they’re travelling to Sweden, to a local area looking to learn from their local fisheries management practices. Very happy about this one 🇸🇪🤝🇫🇷


  • New cooperation ideas listed on the FARNET website
  • Updated cooperation landscape and figures
  • Improved communication between FLAGs


From : June 2018

To : ongoing

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