DG Employment of the European commission / AEIDL

For their annual conference, DG Employment of the European commission and the European Agency for Information on Local Development (AEIDL) subcontracted Eellogic to develop a communication campaign and apply “event-energizing” methods to stir-up panels and participants. Methods such as online quizzes, polling and live tweets were successfully combined to improve panel/room interactions.


  • Proposing, setting-up and integrating interactive tools in event program.
  • Community management and communication campaign.
  • Training team members and reporting on results.

That was cool:

Setting up and managing a live quizz about the European Social Fund for 100+ participants. We learned a lot about the ESF and could even squeeze in some Grumpy cat memes.


  • High online engagement before and during the event.
  • Collecting over fifty questions from event to feed the project online forum.
  • Improved take up of the messages and growth of the Twitter audience.
  • Built-capacity of team members to use such tools independently in future events.


From : May 2018

To : September 2018

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