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The Ocean corner

 On this pale blue dot, Ocean is always round the corner, so what better day than #WorldOceanDay to introduce The Ocean Corner? We first met with Mariana while facilitating the Atlantic Action Plan Glasgow conference. Today, Mariana is leading an artistic Ocean awareness raising action with fishing nets she received from… Fishy Filaments, a connection made by Eellogic and sparked thanks to the European Commission Blueinvest event. More about Fishy Filament and their circular economy project in the link below.👇

Arts for eels

SEG is a Europe wide conservation and science led organisation working to accelerate the eels recovery. They teamed up the Suitcase full of eels, a creative project brining academics and artists from different disciplines to tell the story of Anguilla anguilla, with artworks drawing on the historical importance and cultural relevance of the European eel, as well as the worldwide illegal trade endangering the species.

Meet the aquatrepreneurs

In Brest, France, Mathieu and Mickael launched their shellfish nursery thanks to the support of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Their objective? Enabling other shellfishfarmers to diversify their production, thanks to two local and lesser known species: the flat oyster (Ostrea edulis) and the variegated scallop (Chlamys varia).Check out our video report and get in touch if you want to know more about their🐚🐟 business.

Eellogic friends

Companies and experts met along the way and recommended by Eellogic


ComH2O - Cécile Dupuch

Since January 2018 – website advisor

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Agence Trajectoire(s)

Since October 2017 – Media partners and digital champions

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Nos derniers Tweets

Read this Good Practice to find out about how an Italian🇮🇹 #FLAG helped a community work together to get locally-caught, #sustainable fish into food baskets🧺. Great for local fishermen & great for local consumers!

#EMFFstory throwback☝️First episode, where we discovered how a community of fishers, growers, harvesters, seafood professionnals & regional administration worked hand in hand to value the local catch: #pescadeRias @deondesenon🎣🇪🇸🇪🇺 @EP_Fisheries #FoodfromtheOcean #Sustainability

Very excited to launch the new Birds&Debris website! A new citizen science project to map the interaction of birds and anthropogenic debris #PlasticPollution #marineplastic #BirdsAndDebris #marinelitter

New study finds highest concentration of #microplastics not on the surface but in the range of 200-600 meters.
#plastic #plasticpollution #BeatPlasticPollution #science

The @UniAveiro and @UniversidadeUSC teams of the @NetTagProject have #fishers, net producers, net recyclers and scientists to investigate #marinelitter. Octopus pots and small parts of #nets are the gear most lost, and most of it can be found within 5 nm from the coast 🐙🌊

🗓️SAVE THE DATE for the 2019 seminar on #Fisheries Science! A half day dedicated to exploring the #research needs & priorities in fisheries for the next 10 yrs!
🐟 amazing #EU funded projects
🗨️ round-table discussion
💰 #HorizonEU funding
Registration opening soon! #EUFishEcon


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